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Who We Are

Deliciously Organic

Just one delicious sip and you’ll taste the difference organic makes! Beyond great organic & premium ingredients, we make our drinks with natural flavors and with a lot of love.  Our baristas carefully hand-crafted each drinks to your liking and to our golden standards. We stand behind our creations and we are proud to share these unique flavors with you. So let’s cheer to great drinks and fun flavors discovery!

Explore Our Categories

soda can milk tea with boba
Organic Milk Tea Series
fruit tea with mango jelly
Organic Fruit Tea Series
matcha milk tea with boba
Organic Matcha Series
coffee with ice cream drink
Viet Coffee Series
malibu sun slushie
Fruit Slushie Series
taro and brown sugar milk tea
Brown Sugar Series
black tea and creamy foam topping
Creamy Top Series
taro smoothie drink
Creamy Smoothie Series
thai tea with boba
Thai Tea Series
Love struck lemonade with lychee jelly
Fruit Lemonade Series
hot rose latte
Organic Hot Lattes
herbal hot tea
Organic Hot Teas

We also cater and host fundraiser